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April 13, 2009


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Janell Campbell

WOW this is so cute! I am going to try to remember this for whoever comes up pregnant in my family next. Thanks for the idea!


That is so cute!

Jules from The Roost

What a creative, cute idea! Love it :)


Absolutely the sweetest idea! Just need a friend to get pregnant so I can throw her a party and give these a go!


love this idea - cute for baby showers!


I have had some requests for a frosting recipe for the baby booties. Here is a link that has a good recipe and describes different stiffnesses for different types of decorating. I used a "stiff" frosting on the baby booties.

Happy Decorating!


Oh, that is so cute! Reminds me of when we made the Oreo pacifiers for Katie's shower, and after we struggled with dipping them in the melted chocolate, we discovered they make them already dipped. :)


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